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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any monthly charge for GPS?
A: No, there is no monthly or annual subscription for access to GPS or GLONASS satellite constellations.

Q: Can the equipment be installed on any machine?
A: Yes, there are kits for installing equipment on all makes of machines. Some machines may require additional parts but almost all machines can be outfitted with a Trimble system.

Q: Does the age of my machine matter?
A: Yes, the age of your machine will determine what parts are need to complete the job. Almost all machines can be retrofitted for GPS systems although older machines may require additional parts.

Q: Can I install the GPS system on my machine?
A: Yes, the day to day operation will require the owner/operator to install the individual components everyday. The initial installation of the system is better left to the professionals here at SITECH Northwest, Inc, and no work or parts that are used by a customer for a complete installation will be warranted as proper installation cannot be guaranteed.