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GCS300 Grade Control

Single Elevation
The GCS300 Grade Control System is an affordable, single control system that uses the LR410 laser receiver to control the machine blade lift. Designed primarily for use on dozers, but can be used on other machines, the GCS300 is very easy to set up, learn and use, and the CB450 Control Box provides access to a wide range of features. It's your ideal solution for smaller construction projects such as housing pads in smaller subdivisions and sports fields.

The GCS300 is an excellent first investment. Because it provides a low cost of entry into Grade Control Systems, the GCS300 is easily upgradeable as your needs grow. And for applications where there is no future need to upgrade to 3D, there is an option to purchase a lower-cost, non-upgradeable wiring harness.

  • Applications:
  • Small Housing Pads
  • Small Building Sites
  • Tennis Courts
  • Finish Grading