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Spectra Precision® Laser GL700

Not just another laser transmitter
To keep you at the competitive edge, we've created a revolutionary new solution built for today's construction industry – the innovative Spectra Precision® Laser GL700 Series of grade laser transmitters from Trimble.

The GL700 Series gives you the right laser for the right job… from an economical single grade transmitter to an advanced, long-range radio remote controlled steep grade transmitter. Further, the GL700 Series offers the most innovative collection of features ever available -- Long Range Remote Control, PlaneLok, Grade Matching and Automatic Axis Alignment -- to let you get to grade faster and with more accuracy.

On site, you'll find that the advanced features quickly translate into productivity and accuracy. Complex alignments are automatic and virtually foolproof. With the powerful, long range remote control option it only takes one person to accurately set up and operate the grade laser. Even grade reverse is done in an instant. And for the first time, you can automatically control all the transmitter functions from inside the cab of a machine.

The GL700 Series includes three robust models, so you can select the right laser transmitter for the right application. Each model in the GL700 Series is designed to be simple to setup and use.

New model information:

GL742 steep grade laser: The GL742 is positioned as our premier grade laser transmitter for multi-purpose machine control and general construction applications. Offering 2-way remote, plus a Y axis grade range of 0 to 110%, the GL742 is designed to provide all the advantages of the GL722 with the added benefit of steep slope grade control, such as sea or retaining walls, dam embankments, environmental or waste dump sites, parking garages and other extreme slope settings.

GL722 dual grade laser: With the same range and base capabilities as the GL720 described below, the GL722 includes the benefits of the full Radio Remote functions … plus Automatic Axis Alignment capability. Ideal for general construction, site preparation and road construction.

GL720 dual grade laser: This economical choice has +/-10% in the X axis grade range and -0.5 to +25% Y axis grade range with high accuracy up to 3,000 ft diameter. Ideal for general construction and machine control grade applications.

GL710 single grade laser: An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use one-person grade laser, economical and accurate up to a 3,000 ft diameter. With -0.5 to +25% grade range, the GL700 is ideal for general construction, site preparation, trenching and pipe laying applications.

GL762 long range grade laser: The Spectra Precision Laser GL762 from Trimble has also been introduced to add an extra high precision model to the GL700 Series. The GL762 is engineered for sites that need high accuracy and precision over longer distance ranges. Typical applications include airport paving, longer-range roads and large concrete construction sites. The product also is expected to be of interest to specialty contractors working on golf courses, racetracks, playing fields, parking lots, gas stations, landscaping, animal husbandry and large public works projects.

Each unit comes with a laser receiver standard, your choice of power options, and the best service and support in the industry. With the GL700 series, you can count on quicker setups and more productivity … for more profitability.

  • Applications:
  • General construction
  • Site preparation
  • Trenching
  • Pipe laying
  • Road construction
  • Machine Control