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Spectra Precision® Laser LG2

Simultaneous 90° lines for interior floor layout and squaring
Increase your layout quality and efficiency with the Spectra Precision Laser LG2 layout tool. Designed as a professionals' tool it is ideal for interior flooring, masonry and framing contractors.

With the touch of a button, this easy-to-use tool generates two lines on the floor at a 90-degree angle. Unlike lines drawn from chalk, the LG2 projects over wet mastic or concrete. Precise angles of 45, 67.5 and 22.5 degrees are easily generated with our built-in protractor. Using the LG2 layout tool, you can increase your layout quality and efficiency.

LG2 is an excellent choice for surface layout, including tile, stone, brick, carpet, hardwood flooring and interior walls.

  • Applications:
  • Floor layout for wall placement
  • Layout and indicate cut lines for carpet, tile, hardwood and masonry flooring
  • Transfer or layout decorative vertical patterns on walls