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Spectra Precision® Laser LL200

A leveling crew in a case for the small contractor
The Spectra Precision® Laser LL200 Laser Level is simple to use and makes one-person leveling as easy as possible to put you in control of your elevations. Everything you need is in a single carrying case—the laser, tripod, receiver and rod and tripod—for convenient storage and transportation. Fast and accurate, the LL200 will pay for itself in labor savings before you need to change the single D-Cell battery. Just put one in the back of your truck—and change the way you work.

The GCS300 is an excellent first investment. Because it provides a low cost of entry into Grade Control Systems, the GCS300 is easily upgradeable as your needs grow. And for applications where there is no future need to upgrade to 3D, there is an option to purchase a lower-cost, non-upgradeable wiring harness.

  • Features & Benefits:
  • Transmitter, receiver, rod, and tripod in one rugged carry case for convenient storage and transportation
  • 100-hour battery life from one D-Cell battery eliminates downtime due to power loss and minimizes operating costs
  • Compensated self-leveling maintains level automatically for accuracy over the entire work area and minimizes errors
  • One person elevation control up to a 1,000 ft (300 m) diameter for increased productivity
  • Out-of- level warning eliminates faulty readings
  • Applications:
  • Checking/setting elevations, concrete forms, footings, and foundations for smaller job sites
  • Patio decks, terraces, swimming pools and septic systems and leach fields
  • Estimating cut and fill