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Loadrite Fixed Conveyor

The C-Series is designed to work from one single site with as little as one scale to multiple site operations. Access your data at anytime and anywhere in the world. Whatever your operation’s size, we have a solution to meet your needs.
Single Belt Solutions

A single scale begins to give you visibility into your operation’s performance.
Place a scale after your primary crusher and see your:

  • Tonnes per hour, total tonnage, and average tonnes per hour
  • Time spent running empty or partially loaded
  • Start time and stop time, as well as first load to last load

Additionally, placing a scale on your final product belts allows you to track inventory of your most crucial products, as well as identifying waste and leak points.

Full Plant Reporting

Get the full power of C-SERIES™ working when you track your entire operation. See every bottleneck, track every product, and know exactly what every part of your plant is doing. Measuring weight, downtime and performance of multiple belts will allow you to track the actual optimal mode mix when planning production to meet sales forecasts.

  • Track throughput of primary, secondary and tertiary crushing
  • See the effectiveness of your screen decks and wash plants
  • Report inventory levels, optimising your modes to manufacture the most profitable product mix
  • Measure oversized material and waste