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5605 Robotic Total Station w/Trimble LM80 Layout Manager

Total Station System for Contractors
The Trimble LM80 and 5605 Servo Total Station System is a rugged, feature-packed solution that lets contractors take control of their construction layout. Servo operation lets you work 30% more efficiently than a conventional mechanical system during layout. The Tracklight™ indicator, a visible aid that quickly helps guide the person on the rod to the correct alignment. "Endless" servo drives automatically turn to the correct alignment or layout direction for faster measurements and easy, comfortable operation.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Applications programs let you set up anywhere faster and perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks yourself for maximum flexibility and cost savings
  • Easy-to-follow LM80 user interface shortens the learning curve and speeds operation
  • Work from control points or offset points located anywhere on the jobsite
  • Data storage and built-in checks for all layout eliminate mistakes
  • Excellent compensated angle and distance measurement accuracy
  • Rugged design withstands harsh jobsite conditions and reduces repair costs
  • Applications:
  • Layout of control points on or offset to construction lines
  • Checking or tying into property boundaries
  • Layout of excavation lines
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts
  • As-built checks
  • Layout of control lines on concrete pad for subcontractor use

Light topographical measurements for cut/fill balance