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DTM 302 & DTM 502 Nikon Total Station

DTM-302 - Superior overall convenience and ease of use
In addition to the enhancement of functions inherited from its predecessor — the DTM-350 and DTM-330—the new model features a large graphic LCD, ergonomic keyboard and improved software for superior operability. It also comes with a remarkably long battery life of 16 hours, IPx6 waterproof construction and intelligent feature coding systems. A 10,000-record data memory with job manager is available as is an newly designed EDM that offers increased speed and range. Moreover, it incorporates Nikon's superb optics as well as powerful and a practical on-board survey program - and all features are housed in a light and compact design.

DTM-502 -- The next step in Total Station excellence
With the new DTM-502 Series of Total Stations, Nikon has expanded and improved on its highly successful DTM-500 Series. Celebrated for superior optics, mechanical integrity, battery life and measuring speed, the new line boasts an easy-to-read graphic LCD and ergonomic keyboard on both faces. Combine these features with the feature-packed on-board software and you've got a lineup of Total Stations that are unmatched for performance, ease of use and productivity.