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Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager

Big Capabilities in a Small Package
The Trimble® LM80 Layout Manager is pocket-sized, personal layout manager that lets you carry, manage, work with, and lay out your jobsite blueprint, regardless of the method and instrumentation you use.

  • LM80 lets you:
  • Input blueprint dimensions to build a digital replica of the layout plan
  • Guide the layout of the major points, add string dimensions on the print, or calculate diagonals or angles
  • Reduce your reliance on third-party specialists
  • Organize and standardize all layout activity for all layout equipment you currently use cut training costs
  • Increase flexibility if one instrument is unavailable-easily swap it out for another

The Trimble LM80 Layout Manager is used with the Trimble SPS710 Robotic Construction Total Stations, Trimble SPS610 Robotic Construction Total Stations, Spectra Precision TS515 and TS415 Construction Total Station.

When combined with Trimble construction total stations, the Trimble LM80 Layout Manager significantly increases accuracy, reliability, and productivity. With Microsoft® Windows Mobile®, the Trimble LM80 can support the wide range of application software available for Windows mobile devices.

Trimble LM80 Desktop Software

Trimble LM80 Desktop Software is an easy-to-use support tool for the LM80 or construction total station.