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NE-203 & NE-202 Nikon Digital Theodolite

High performance that's tough enough for most environments
The Nikon Electronic Theodolite NE-203 / 202 is the enhanced successor to model NE-10H / 10LA / 10L.

This time, Nikon has added waterproof capability to stand up to the toughest field conditions.

This model meets IEC529 Class 6 (IPX6) standards which state that "water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects."

  • Features:
  • Digital angle display is user-switchable from 5"/10" to 1 mgon/2 mgon or 0.02 mil/0.05 mil (1"/5", 0.5 mgon/1 mgon, 0.005 mil / 0.02 mil available as option on NE-203 only)
  • Built-in vertical axis compensator automatically compensates for instrument inclination within ±3' (NE-203)
  • Accuracy is 5"/1 mgon in 5"/1 mgon display mode (DIN 18723)
  • Large, dot-matrix dual-line LCD screen displays both vertical and horizontal angles simultaneously
  • LCD screen and keyboard are placed on both sides of the alidade for easier operation
  • Telescope magnification of 30 x with a 45 mm objective aperture diameter
  • Employs a unique linear focusing mechanism to simplify focusing at both short and long distances. Minimum focusing distance of 0.7 m/2.3 ft.
  • Repeat horizontal angle measurement possible up to ±1999°59'55" or ±2222.2220G
  • Continuous operation for up to 48 hours with fresh alkaline-manganese batteries (NE-202)
  • IPX6 waterproof