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Trimble® SPS700 Construction Total Station

The Trimble® SPS700 Construction Total Station, a key component of the Trimble Site Positioning System, builds on over 50 years of total station technology to deliver unmatched performance for construction jobsite applications. The simple solution to all your site measurement and stakeout applications, the SPS700 construction total station takes little or no setup time and requires only two known points to establish position and orientation.

Not only does the SPS700 provide superior tracking during measurements and stakeout, but the single-person operation increases cost savings and productivity. Using the SPS700 total station with Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software, designed specifically for construction contractors, helps you simplify your operations, increase your efficiency in the field, and minimize downtime.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Exclusive MagDrive® servos provide quiet, effortless operation and the fastest, most responsive and accurate tracking available
  • Unique SurePoint technology autocorrects instrument pointing for mislevelment and internal calibrations in real time
  • Guaranteed, precise point measurement with Active Target technology assures correct lock onto the right prism at all times for constant, accurate positioning
  • Autolock® with exclusive MultiTrack™ capability provides coaxial target tracking to any prism or reflective foil target and eliminates locking errors
  • Direct Reflex DR 300+ long-range reflectorless measurement lets you quickly and safely measure hard-to-reach or unsafe places up to 300 m away without a target or walking on the surface
  • Upgradeable Servo, Autolock or Robotic options provide a flexible, future-proof investment that expands as your needs or applications change
  • You can use the SPS700 total station at every stage of construction for:
  • Original ground level checking
  • Stockpile measurement
  • Progress volumes
  • Design stakeout
  • Checking both finished grade and laid material thickness with real-time verification of construction tolerances
  • Applications
  • Layout of structure foundations, caissons and piles
  • Tunnel measurement
  • Earthworks, fine grading and finishing stakeout operations
  • Reflectorless measurement of stockpiles, rock faces, cuttings and structures
  • Initial site measurements to verify design levels

As-built records and grade checks on laid material