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Zephyr GNSS/GPS Antennas

For Base Station and Rover GNSS / GPS Receivers
The Trimble® Zephyr™ 2 and Zephyr Geodetic™ 2 antennas break new ground in GNSS / GPS surveying antenna technology. They support GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo signals. Both antennas support modular Trimble GNSS / GPS receivers such as the Trimble® R7 GNSS receiver, and can be used as part of the Trimble GNSS Infrastructure solution. Trimble offers these antenna options for base stations and GNSS / GPS rovers.

Trimble Zephyr 2
The Trimble Zephyr 2 GNSS antenna is typically used in roving applications. It minimizes multipath, and offers robust low elevation tracking and sub-millimeter phase center accuracy. Flexible and versatile, the Trimble Zephyr 2 supports the way you want to work.

Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 2
The Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 2 antenna is ideal for control work. The Zephyr Geodetic 2 incorporates a large Trimble Stealth™ Ground Plane for significantly reduced ground-based multipath. Its quality performance and extreme accuracy are achieved through sub-millimeter phase center repeatability and robust low-elevation tracking.

Comprehensive GNSS Support
The Zephyr 2 and Zephyr Geodetic 2 antennas offer full support for coming and near-future GNSS signals, including GPS L2C and L5, GLONASS, and even Galileo. This technology future-proofing, in combination with the rugged durability of each antenna, means any investment in a Trimble Zephyr GNSS antenna will last for many years.