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Trimble Paydirt® Software

The Trimble Paydirt® Software is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use estimating software for earthwork and material takeoff. For takeoffs of long, linear projects such as roads, dams, or levees, use the optional Paydirt module, Roadwork. Paydirt benefits contractors in the ways that count:

  • take off earthwork construction projects more quickly and accurately than ever before
  • increase production, protect your profits, and better your bottom line
  • bid for every job that comes your way, but contract only those that will profit you the most

With Paydirt you can calculate cut and fill, plan your construction project, verify sites, settle quantity disputes, and improve communications between the office ant field. Using Paydirt will give your contracting company the competitive edge in today's tough, fast-paced construction market, winning you more bids and making you more money.

Fast With Paydirt you can complete takeoffs 2-10 times faster than you do now – most takeoffs take less than an hour.

Quickly and easily digitize your plans in Paydirt and let the software calculate the takeoff quantities for you rather than laboriously calculating cut and fill volumes yourself. Now you can spend our valuable time checking work, bidding for jobs, and making more money.

Easy-to-use Paydirt is designed especially for people like you: construction estimators, not computer experts. If you can read earthwork construction plans, then using Paydirt will be easy. You'll be up and running with Paydirt takeoffs in less than a day.

Accurate: Paydirt not only speeds up the estimating process; it also improves estimation accuracy. The software's unlimited grid spacing lets you check earthwork and material quantities more precisely than ever before. And because Paydirt calculates everything for you, it eliminates manual calculation errors.