Trimble Platform as a Service

Trimble Platform as a Service (TPaaS)

Trimble Platform as a Service is a flexible, all inclusive and connected construction solution bundled into a predictable contract.

Trimble Platform as a Service

Who Says You Can't Have It All?

Imagine getting instant upgrades all at once. Then add construction cloud services and world-class support to keep your operations current and optimized, without the costly upfront investment.

trimble platform as a service

Forget Future Proof. Think Forever Proof.

Trimble Platform as a Service is the first and only construction technology subscription of its kind that allows you to forever proof your business on your terms—all for one affordable monthly fee.

Get More Done

Be more productive

  • The most recent version of Trimble hardware and software is included at the time of purchase
  • Free upgrades to the latest technology to be more efficient and finish jobs faster

Minimize downtime

  • Local SITECH construction technology providers are your boots on the ground support
  • SITECH keeps you up and running with service, support, and replacement units 

Reduce Costs

  • Unpredictable technology costs are a thing of the past
  • Accidental damage repair, parts and labor expenses, initial training costs and support fees are all included

Save Time and Money

  • Easily track and manage machine control and site positioning data and technology across project sites
  • Keep track of the location of your devices and machines
  • Manage hardware, firmware and software versions efficiently
  • Monitor operations to keep the job on track and keep costs down
  • Forget about warranty expirations—your hardware and software is always covered

Flexible technology solution to fit the needs of your business

Upgrade to the latest hardware and software for the duration of your agreement, including a full factory warranty and repair or replacement of accidentally damaged hardware. Based on your needs, choose any combination of bundles:

Trimble Platform as a Service Bundles

Meet Our Customers

Learn how customers around the globe are using Trimble technology to be more efficient and profitable.